A collection of photos from various parts of the Scout and Echo programs.

Echo TV7 waits on the pad before launch

Vehicle startup key resting inserted in Echo TV6

Echo TV7 coming down on 3 out of 4 chutes - one failed to open due to low descent speed

Aerial coverage drone just before lifting off to begin an automated flight pattern

Running through pre-launch checks for Echo TV5

Echo TV4 against a dark sky

Liftoff of Echo TV3

Liftoff of Echo TV2

Echo TV1, partially labelled a few days before its first flight

Echo TV5 waiting on the pad

A cute dog walking by during rocket prep for Echo TV5

Echo TV2 going straight up

Echo TV1 just after main propellant loading

Soaring through the air, Scout V 1.0 makes almost no effort to correct its orientation due to a bug in the flight software

Liftoff of Scout V 0.8

Scout V 0.9 just after accidentally igniting the retro-burners

Scout V 0.8 in an early stage of the building process 

An incomplete Scout V 0.8 next to RRTV1

An older design of the thrust vectoring mount and skirt at the bottom of the rocket

Scout V 0.8 stands in front of my computer with a nice looking sticker on it :)

Scout V 1.0, just about ready for flight

Scout V 0.8 during loading of the flight software

A mess of smoke after Scout V 0.7's flight

The old gutted Fetch flight computer used for Scouts V 0.4 - 0.7 next to the smaller Fetch flight computer used in Scouts V 0.8 - V 1.0

Scout V 0.7 hides under a mylar blanket while waiting for the rain to stop

An early concept of the new thrust vectoring mount 

Building the internal cabling for the Fetch flight computer

The old ignitors on top used unsuccessfully for both attempts to launch Scout V 0.6, vs the more powerful bottom ignitors used for Scout V 0.7

A damaged Scout V 0.5 lies on the launch pad after flight

Scout V 0.4 after "landing"

Scout V 0.4 on the way down, gimbaling hard to try and stay upright

The modified flight computer used for Scout V 0.6 and 0.7

Scout V 0.4  and 0.5's flight computer all wired up!

In the process of designing Scout V 0.4

Printing the launch/landing leg mont for Scout V 0.4

During construction of the upgraded articulating launch pad

Overhead view of the original landing leg design

The "first stage" of Scout V 0.4. Technically stages 1 and 2 if you count retro-propulsion as a stage

Scout V 0.4 before paint and labeling

Building the first drag fin assembly of the Scout program

CAD screenshot of the thrust vectoring system used for Scout V 0.2 - 0.7

Scout V 0.1 sits on the pad after its first launch

The control system used in Scout V 0.2 and 0.3

Scout V 0.1's damaged control system after flight

An early concept build of Scout V 0.1's thrust vectoring system

Painting the launchpad

A heat absorption test article and main booster for Scout V 0.1. An early construction of the Fetch flight computer can be seen in the top left.