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Advanced scaled rocketry. No fins, no problem.



Signal Alpha is a thrust vectoring kit for low and mid-power model rockets. 

This batch of Signal Alpha shipped mid-November of 2017. The next revision in the Signal Avionics family will be availible for purchase in early 2018.

What’s included?

  • One Signal Alpha flight computer
  • Computer mounting brackets for 66 or 74mm airframes
  • One pre-built BPS thrust vectoring mount for 24 or 29mm motors
    • Available for 66 or 74mm airframes
  • All required M3.5 mounting screws
  • Flight computer and TVC cutout/drill guides for 66 or 74mm airframes
  • Two 50cm TVC servo extension cables
  • One free tuning of your custom vehicle
    • Various measurement procedures will be included to make the process simple

What else do you need?

  • An 11.1v LiPo battery, or a standard 9v
    • Their respective connectors, with exposed-end wires
  • A Micro SD card, required for programming and operation of the flight computer
  • At least 2, 30cm lengths of the appropriate motor mount tube
    • For 24mm motors this is an Estes BT50
    • For 29mm motors this is listed as a 29mm body tube
    • One to line the outside of the motor, the other to align the TVC mount

Configuration settings:

  • Pyro 1 ascent deployment altitude
  • Pyro 2, 3, and 4 descent deployment altitudes
  • In-flight abort enable, criteria, and arm-time
  • Separate X and Y axis P, I, and D gains
  • PID limits, TVC gear ratio, and drive direction(for custom TVC mounts)
  • Course correction enable, start time, and speed
  • Launch detection acceleration threshold
  • TVC calibration mode
  • Static fire testing mode
  • Pyro channel check mode
  • Party mode, duh

What’s recommended for assembly?

  • A sharp hobby knife
  • A pair of wire strippers
  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • A small standard screwdriver
  • Medium strength CA, or comparable hobby glue
  • 3mm drill bit and drill(3.5 for non-paper, rigid airframes)
  • Some medium grit sandpaper
  • A bit of patience :)

Some disclaimers and notes

  • Signal Alpha should not be used with ejection charges built into motors, separate user-built pyro charges should be used. Some motors don’t come in plugged variants, I’m working on expanding the number that do.
  • Signal Alpha is an advanced and complicated product, and not meant for novice rocketeers. The implementation of TVC in model rockets is not perfect, but will improve with time. As such, if you don’t have experience building complex scratch-built rockets, I recommend honing your skills with a less expensive vehicle first.
  • If something ships to you and is broken on arrival, send it back and I’ll fix it! I’m excited to be getting this tech out there, but it does no good if it doesn’t work from the start.
  • To further that point, nobody likes smashing rockets, but there plenty of ways to do it(fewer when in-flight abort is on); if you’re unsure about any settings or assembly procedures, reach out to me and I’ll help you get things off the ground.
  • All the info here is subject slight changes as I go through the final assembly of this first batch. This page lists the currently operational functions and specifications. Exact instructions and specs will ship with Signal Alpha, and will closely resemble those listed on this page.
  • Sales of Signal Alpha are limited to United States citizens and residents right now. I’m working hard to expand availability beyond this, but can’t offer sales outside of the US currently, my apologies for the limitation.

Sold out! The first batch of Signal Alpha has shipped, and is out of stock. The next revision of the system will be available for purchase in early 2018, For more information, please use the contact form here.

Already own Signal Alpha and need some help getting started? The manual, build videos, and other resources are all availible here.