Signal R2 TVC Kit
Signal R2 TVC Kit
Signal R2 TVC Kit
Signal R2 TVC Kit
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Signal R2 TVC Kit

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This is Signal. A rocketry flight computer for thrust vectoring, controlling parachutes, data logging, and in-flight emergency aborts. Safer, more realistic flights—no fins required. 

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What's Included 

  • One Signal R2 flight computer
  • Full set of building and flying instructions
  • Flight Computer mounting brackets for a 74mm airframe
  • One 74mm thrust vectoring mount for 29mm motors
  • All required M3.5 mounting screws
  • BPS stickers!
  • Flight computer and TVC cutout/drill guides for a 74mm airframe
  • Two 50cm TVC servo extension cables

What's Not Included 

  • An 11.1v LiPo battery, or a standard 9v
    • Their respective connectors, with exposed-end wires
    • These LiPo batteries will power Signal for several hours on the pad
  • A Micro SD card, required for programming and operation of the flight computer
  • At least 2, 30cm lengths of the appropriate motor mount tube
    • One to line the outside of the motor, the other to align the TVC mount
    • I've found that these work quite well
  • At least 2, 45cm lengths of 74mm body tube for the rocket
  • Standard tools
    • Hobby knife, epoxy/glue, standard screwdriver, etc






Signal is configured using a app on an iOS or Android smartphone. The app helps the user configure TVC sensitivity, parachute deployment altitudes, the abort system, ground testing, rocket tuning, and more. Check out the video here for more information on how the Signal app works.


Can I use Signal R2 to try propulsive landing like the Echo program?

Not right now, sorry! Signal is great for keeping rockets upright during ascent, but locks the TVC mount after burnout.

Can I use Signal R2 in a high powered rocket?

The flight computer will work whether the TVC mount is connected or not, so if you just want flight data, go for it! However, the 3D printed pieces can only be used with low powered motors.

What rocket motors work well with thrust vector control?

The best motors for Signal R2 have long and flat thrust curves. Anything greater than 3 seconds is ideal. Several good options include the Estes F15 and E9, Apogee F10 and E6, and the Aerotech G8 and G11. Only use motors with plugged ejection charges, RC glider motors work quite well too.

What pyro charges should I use?

Signal R2 requires the use of low current pyro charges ONLY - these are usually built from small fireworks ignitors that come in packs of 50 or 100. The use of higher current devices on Signal R2 will wear the channel out with time.

I live outside the US, can I use a forwarding service to ship the kit internationally?

No, unfortunately not. All sales must be to US citizens and residents due to US export restrictions.



Signal does not carry any GPS or point-based guidance equipment. The computer is only able to keep the rocket vertically stable off the launch pad.

This kit is for advanced rocketeers. The implementation of TVC in model rockets is not perfect, but will improve with time. If you don’t have experience with scratch-built rockets, I recommend honing your skills with an easier build first.

If something ships to you and is broken on arrival, send it back and I’ll fix it! I’m committed to making sure all users have a good experience with TVC rockets.

Sales of Signal R2 are limited to United States citizens and residents. There are no exceptions to this - apologies for the inconvenience.